Pickup of Work:

Your work will be ready for outdoor pick up by the Wednesday following your workshop (after 5:00 PM).

21 Benson Avenue
(Artscape Wychwood Barns, St.Clair and Christie)
Google map: click here


PLEASE NOTE: all of your work will be outside on the student work shelf. The door of 21 Benson is a PRIVATE residence. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER OR KNOCK. 

There is an Arcade in front of the 21 Benson apartment that is accessible 24 hours a day. You do not need to phone/email before you arrive. While this location is easily accessed your work is safe; we have not had incidents of work being stolen from the pickup shelf.

Your pieces can be found on the wooden opposite the front door. Your piece(s) are in a single package labeled with your NAME, DATE and TIME of your workshop. Please verify all three pieces of information on the label to ensure you get your own work.

Once your work is placed in the pick up area it will not be brought back inside. The area is safe, however it will get cluttered if pick ups are not made in timely manner.

Work that is left uncollected for more than a month will become studio possession and recycled (twice a year, in January and in June). Please make every effort to reduce our clutter, we have hundreds of students and unfortunately we are not able to communicate back and forth.

Playing with Fire assumes no responsibility/offers no refund/offers no replacement workshops for pickup mix-ups. You are personally responsible for checking for your name, date and time on you package.

In the case of your work missing from the pick up area (we have not had any such incidents), we investigate thoroughly before we issue refunds or offer make up classes.