Playing With Fire receives many requests for all types of information related to the art of glass.  This page is an attempt to clarify some of these questions.  If you are wondering if our workshops address your needs, perhaps these lists will help.  More links coming soon!

Cool Skills You Can Learn With Us

Here are some links related to the Playing With Fire workshops:

Skills We Don't Currently Teach

Here are some links relating to what Playing With Fire does NOT offer:

Important Glass References

Topics Related to Glass-Making

These are some additional links about the art/trade of glass-making:

More Links

Minna Koistinen's original website:

The web designer and producer of the introductory video, Multibeat Creative (Toronto) provides video production, creative music services, audio postproduction services and web development.  The music in the video features Bernardo Padrón, Toronto-based Venezuelan-born saxophonist and composer. He runs a music program for urban youth, Baddest Beatz.