1. Visit the workshop page of your interest.
    2. Check the schedule calendar for available workshop dates and select the desired workshop.
    3. If you are taking one of our two person workshops ($200) you only need to register once: one registration is for two people.
    4. Enter first and last name and email address. If you are gifting an individual workshop (not one of the workshops for two)  as a surprise for someone and do not want them to receive a confirmation email you should fill out your own name and contact information for both spaces and just add "guest" after your last name when registering the second attendee. This will ensure both spaces are booked.

Please be advised that expired vouchers will result in false entry and you will need to contact us directly at minna@playingwithfire.ca

  1. Confirm registration information. Playing with Fire assumes no responsibility for incorrectly entered information.
  2. Submit payment via PayPal. Note: your space is not reserved until payment is received. To those new to PayPal; you do not need a PayPal account, the payment options include credit cards. Follow the prompts and select the option where it says “Don’t have a PayPal account?” –  you will be directed to enter your credit card information.You will receive an auto-response confirmation email.
  3. You're booked!  If you have any questions about the workshops or the registration procedure, please see our FAQ page. If you have additional questions after reviewing our FAQ page please contact Minna.
  4. When joining a wait list for a workshop: you do not need to pre-pay, once you have submitted your request and have been redirected to the payment overview page your process is complete.